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DNA Health Tests performed by Langford Vets:

British Shorthair Autoimmune

Lymphoproliferative Syndrome:           Normal  

Polycystic Kidney Disease (PKD):          Normal

Feline Blood Type:                                   Blood type b (Homozygous b)


Dilute Coat Colour:                                  Dilute (d/d)

Chocolate Coat Colour:                          Chocolate (b/b) 

Cinnamon Coat Colour:                          Does not carry Cinnamon (B/B, B/b or b/b)

Coat Length M3:                                      N/N 

Coat Length M4:                                      N/M4 (carries long coat gene)






22/08/2021 GCCF Virtual Show Judge: Veronica Knight awarded 1st & BOB  Section 3 Kitten then goes on to win BEST OF VARIETY SECTION 3 Kitten under Judge: Lynda Ashmore

31/08/2021 West of England & South Wales Cat Society Virtual Show Judge: Mrs S Heavens awarded 1st & BOB AC British Shorthair or Manx Kitten Section 3, then goes on to win OVERALL BEST OF VARIETY SECTION 3 Judge: Mr M Pearman (Beautiful white British Kitten, good head balance, lovely round eyes, nice rounding to cheeks, medium ears settling into well place well Excellent Type. The coat is of a lovely Pristine White, very well presented, Overall Beautiful Kitten.

05/09/2021 Wyvern Cat Club, Judge: Miss J N Seggie awarded 1st & BOB plus BEST OVERALL SECTION 3 put through to the Best in Show line up where Mr M Pearson Awarded OVERALL BEST IN SHOW at the tender age of 6 months old.  What an achievement

British White (Orange-eyed) Kitten 1 st and BOB CROSS & CROSS' FERGAN ICING SUGAR  I just loved this girl, she has a real presence to her. A lovely head that is beautifully round, lovely, well opened round eyes that are nice shade of deep copper in colour. She has medium ears that are rounded to the tip, well furnished with fur and set well into the contours of her head, her nose is short, broad and straight. She has a level bite and firm chin. A lovely cobby body, well boned and four square with lovely, chunky little legs and a tail that balances to the size her body, it is rounded to the tip. Her coat is bright white, a good length and density, it is just a little soft for perfection at the moment. Another beautifully presented baby which helped to show her off to her full potential. A delightful young lady who just had it all, she was definitely the icing on my cake today, full of promise and wouldn’t let us walk past without demanding attention. Judge: J Seggie

I was delighted to be asked to judge Best Kitten and my kitten of the day was Fergan Icing Sugar, an absolutely delightful, nearly 7 month old white baby who I’ll talk more about below. I also judged Best Section 3 and this little lady also took the top spot there and I was pleased to watch and handle her to go on to be overall Best In Show, congratulations to her owner and breeder, what a fabulous first outing for a fabulous kitten.

A Stunning orange eyed white british girl, overall wonderful type and balance, round eyes of deep orange colour, her coat was crisp and of a Pristine white, prepared to the last hair!  This was a very hard decision to come too, All worthy winners and a credit to their owners, in the end I chose BEST IN SHOW WINNER

Fergan Icing Sugar, Huge Congratulations to her owner & breeder.  Judge Mr M Pearman.

Yorkshire County Cat Club 13/11/2021, 

British White (Orange eyed) Adult
1 CC BoB Miss Cross & Mr Bicket’s FERGAN ICING SUGAR

The Orange Eyed White litter sister to the above, again looking exactly how I would expect a 9 months and 1 day old quality BSH to look – and in my opinion this lass is Quality with a capital Q!!!!! Excellent head shape, beautifully rounded with lovely full cheeks. Ears small and well spaced fitting so neatly into the outline of the head. Excellent profile with rounded brow, gentle break and short nose. Bite almost even, good depth of chin. Excellent muzzle. Superb round open eyes of a very good deep orange colour. Coat could be a little shorter for perfection (but it’s nit picking!) very dense and a superb clean white. Excellent condition and temperament. Without doubt this superb young lass was my “take home” cat of the day, she is without doubt a stunner! CC awarded without hesitation!  Judge Mr J Harrison CC & BOB

13/11/2021  British Shorthair Cat Club

1 CC . CROSS & CROSS'S FERGAN ICING SUGAR (BSH w 62, F, 12/02/2021). Nice young girl with round head, neat ears, round copper eyes, full cheeks, level bite. Body developing well for age, short strong legs. Coat short and dense, good texture, sparkling white. Good tail. Good temperament., Judge Mr A Welsh

15/01/2022 Short Haired Cat Society

1 CC & BOB (Crowing CC giving her Champion Title)

Judge Mrs P -M Beard Smith

BRITISH WHITE [ORANGE EYED] ADULT 1 ST CC & BOB CROSS & BICKET’S FERGAN ICING SUGAR [BSH W62] F 12/02/21 Good size and weight to this female. Nicely rounded head showing very good type and a lovely open British expression. Her ears are well set good width apart. Her vibrant orange eyes are round and well opened. Short nose. Full cheeks. Level bit fair chin. Her body is well boned and is at the stage one would expect of an adolescent female. She has plenty of space to fill out. She stands on strong legs and firm paws. Balanced thick tail. Her pristine white coat is a little on the long side and quite soft at present.

12/03/2022 Manchester Cat Club

1 Grand Certificate & BOB

Judge: Mrs L Walpole

1st. GCC CROSS & BICKET’S CH. FERGAN ICING SUGAR (BSH w 62) at 14 months still has a very appealing kittenish face and round head with small ears set wide apart. Round deep gold eyes and well developed cheeks. Very deep nose break, bite just acceptable, strong chin. Cobby body of good weight with short straight legs and rounded paws. Her sparkling white coat is crisping up nicely, just a fraction long along the spine, medium length tail with rounded tip.

14/05/2022 Nor'East of Scotland Cat Club

1 Grand Certificate & BOB

Judge: Mrs Marriot H Power

BOB CROSS & BICKET’S CH FERGAN ICING SUGAR BSH w 62 F 12.02.21 Well shown fifteen months old girl. Head has full cheeks to a round face with good breadth to skull and rounded top of head of good width between neat ears set far apart to follow the outer contours of the head, small in size and rounded at the tips. Excellent profile with rounded brow, medium nose break and short, straight nose. Level bite and fair depth chin. Lovely expression to large and well open, orange eyes set wide apart. Compact body with a level back and good breadth chest. Proportionate boned and length legs and large rounded paws. Longish tail is thicker at base and rounded at tip. Coat is fairly short with good density and crispish texture. Orange-Eyed British White of bright, pure white. Plenty to say for herself.

28/05/2022 Durham Cat Club

1 Grand Certificate & BOB (Crowing Grand Certificate making up to Grand Champion)

Judge: Mr W Vessey

Grand CROSS & BICKET CH FERGAN ICING SUGAR BSH w 62, F, 12/2/21 A most attractive young female of a very good size, weight and balance. Still adolescent as she should be but at the right stage. She has a round head , with good development of the cheeks and muzzle, a gentle curve to the top of head and well placed ears of medium size. Her eyes are a mid shade of copper, round and well positioned she uses them well and has an impressive, typically British open look. Pleasing profile. She has very good body proportions, straight strong limbs and firm, rounded paws. The chest is well developed and the torso a healthy weight with good muscle tone. Her tail is thick with a rounded tip and balances well to the body. Her coat has lost some density but has sufficient texture and although clearly changing, remains healthy. I can always appreciate and applaud the effort to prepare a white to this pristine standard, she really was glistening. Not in the best of moods today but deigned to be assessed after some persuasion. Certainly a very beautiful British female.

28/05/2022 Northern Counties Cat Club

1 Grand Certificate & BOB

Judge:  Mrs R Fisher

GR CH Cross & Bicket’s CH Fergan Icing Sugar – Orange-eyed White A 15 month-old girl, very pretty and feminine. Her head is round and nicely balanced with small well placed ears. She has lovely round well-opened eyes of a deep shade of orange, round cheeks, short broad nose, good chin and a level bite. She has a good cobby body, and although not a large cat she looks and feels substantial. Her legs are well boned and paws round and firm. Her tail is medium length and thick with a rounded tip. Her coat is short and her colour absolutely pristine, sparkling white. She is lacking a little undercoat at present, not surprising given the time of year. Shown in excellent condition.

27/08/2022  Northern British Longhair & Shorthair Cat Club

1 Imperial Certificate & BOB followed by winning BEST ADULT IN SHOW

Judge: Mr A Welsh  

IMP. CROSS & BICKET'S GR CH FERGAN ICING SUGAR (BSH w 62). Head of good size and shape with neat well set ears, round orange eyes, full cheeks & level bite. Good solid well developed body wit short legs. Coat short and dense good texture sparkling white. Good tail. Good temperament

27/08/2022 Teeside  Cat Club

1 Imperial Certificate & BOB

Judge: Mrs P Beard Smith

1 ST IMP GRCH CROSS & BICKET’S GR CH FERGAN ICING SUGAR [BSH w62] F 12/02/21 Pretty substantial female. Apple round head showing very good British type. Her ears are neat and spaced well apart. Round eyes orange in colour. Short nose. Broad muzzle and full cheeks. Level bite good chin. Her cobby body is well boned and she stands on short straight legs and firm paws. Balanced tail. Her coat is a tad on the long side but is dense and with a crisp texture. Pristine well prepared white female

17/09/2022 Edinburgh Cat Club

1 Imperial Certificate & BOB followed by winning Best Section 3 Adult, Best Overall Variety Section 3 and shortlisted down to the final 3 for Best in Show line up.

Judge:  Mrs B Prowse

IMP GR CC MISS CROSS & MR BICKET’S GR CH FERGAN ICING SUGAR (BSH w 62) F 12/2/21 – Orange Eyed White of good size and shape with a lovely temperament. She is cobby in shape, stands on short strong legs on round firm paws. Round head with rounded cheeks. Eyes are round and expressive, excellent shade of orange in colour. Nose is short, broad and straight. Ears are neat and rounded at the tip with good space between them. Level bite. Firm chin. Coat is short, dense and crisp. It is a sparkling white. Tail is in proportion to her body. Very pretty young lady.

Fergan Icing Sugar wins Best in Show!
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